Ours are Hearts

Ours are hearts that cannot bind –
too hard to seek,
too hard to find…

Ours are hearts that cannot bind…
too reticent,
too intertwined…

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To extol the hope is fine –
but to redeem the dream – divine.

what does the earth say to you?

The World –

THE WORLD, it speaks of folly.
of torture and malaise.
of love’s decline
and lives deprived
and visages of waste.

 THE WORLD, it speaks of tremors.
of callous love and hate.
of lines defined
and love subprime
and leaders to efface.

THE WORLD, it speaks of burdens.
of joylessness and fate.
of Jesus Christ
and those who strife
who bludgeon and disgrace.

THE WORLD it speaks in riddles.
It lies right to your face.
It shames and hides
the good inside
and leads instead to hate.

What does the world speak to you? I have conflicting thoughts about my own spontaneous reflections here. Please share your thoughts with me… I need it!